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The Power of Network (and chance encounters of the success kind)

by Rob on May 1, 2011

Hey guys,

I wanted to write a post about some amazing things that happened to me by taking part in the community, contributing and just sticking with it.

– Met Gary King who has been such a tremendous positive impact on my business.

– Met Tristan Bull who helped my business a whole load too.

– Work with an outsourcer who is so dedicated and passionate, just a joy to work with.

Now all of these things didn’t happen because I was lucky or for any other reason, it was because the longer you spend
doing anything the better you get at it, the more connections you make, the more people you meet, the more you understand and you find quality people to interact with that want to achieve the same things that you do.

You know on the IM journey you meet so many people and sometimes things just click and you come across an absolute gem that does absolute wonders. You don’t know where this person is going to come from or the break you are going to get but when it
happens it is so great and such a huge motivation to just keep on going!

For example I know that Gary King recently released Ultimate Offline teaching people about succeeding with IM in the offline world. With this product he also created a forum. Suddenly you have a community of like minded people to connect with that are going in the same direction. That is super powerful stuff right there. You know what their interests are and it is easy to approach them.

It is so powerful when you just get involved, make connections, talk to people. Interestingly these people are also very willing to get onto skype and chat with you as long as there are specific things to talk about.

Once you get involved and make connections it is a very small world. Just on Wednesday night I was chatting on Skype with one of the biggest IMers online at the moment and he was super cool. This is something I thought was out of my reach even just a few short months ago. Now he is on speed dial!

You never know what is around the corner, what helpful person you will run into. What competition you will win to increase your network, or other positive chance experiences that happen. Get involved, get chatting and start associating with successful IMers. It’s easier and much more powerful than you think.

Start contributing more in the forums. Connect with the people whos products you buy, send PMs to people that provide quality content and ask them a specific question.

Let me know any awesome breaks that you have had or how you will start contributing more and making more connections in the comments below.


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