Thursday, February 22, 2018

Decisions and Overwhelm

March 8, 2011

Hey, I get quite a few emails from people that are confused or not too sure which direction to take next, so I thought I’d put together a blog post to help give a structure to help you move forward and make decisions. IM can be broken up into a few different areas. I am […]

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What I wish I knew when I started out

March 4, 2011

Here are three points that I wish someone told me when I was first starting out in IM. 1) Its a process Each time you learn something new that knowledge can take you a step in the right direction. Very rarely is there one course or product or piece of software that gives you all […]

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Video Marketing Video Domination

January 3, 2011

Video marketing is such a powerful way to drive loads of targeted prospects to your site. And the best part about it is that it is free to do and the traffic is massive. I have just released a ridiculously cheap WSO that details exactly how I use video to get a whole bunch of […]

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7 Keys To Creating a Powerful Success Mindset

December 6, 2010

Hey guys, Having a powerful positive framework to work within is essential to succeeding online. Below are 7 key essentials for a successful mindset. 1. Decide that being poor is a totally unacceptable way of life Are you stuck in a routine of inactivity and averageness? By doing nothing,  watching TV when you get home […]

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Outsourcing For Extra Time and Cash

November 17, 2010

One of the reasons I originally got into IM was to get more time to do what I wanted to do as well as improve my financial position. Learning and getting into was great but I soon realised that I wasn’t actually freeing my time though I was increasing my income. I needed to figure […]

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6 Influential IMers (Thanks)

November 3, 2010

So there are six people that have been really influential in me achieving some big milestones in internet marketing. Here they are in no particular order: Paul Myers Been around since before the internet. Runs one of the longest running newsletters about IM. Talkbiz constantly throws up gems in a no hype, no BS kind […]

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Google Smasher WSO

November 2, 2010

Hey Guys, Just launched BRAND NEW Google Smasher as a WSO. Get in quick for the best price: If you have been through it already please leave some feedback here: Rob

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Trick to Get to $100 a Day

October 5, 2010

Slightly different this one. It doesn’t directly involve the latest, greatest technique within the world of internet marketing. It doesn’t involve list building, or traffic generation or affiliate programs. It doesn’t involve PPC or article writing YET it was the MOST powerful tool I had to get me to $100 a day online. It was a […]

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$100 a day? Sure it’s easy

September 23, 2010

Hey, I’m Rob Stafford and I’ve set up this site with the purpose and aim to help people reach their first $100 dollar day online. Why $100 a day? I think it is a realistic milestone that many people are aiming for, and once you achieve $100 in a day you really gain momentum, speed, passion […]

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