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How to Become a Guru (simple)

by Rob on August 8, 2012

Ever heard the saying:

“In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”?

It basically means that the person with more knowledge than those
around them will be viewed highly by those with less knowledge.

It’s true online, in corporations, in any situation.

To be perceived as an expert you just need to know
a little more than others.

And now more than ever it is simple to take up that
“expert” role.

To know just a little more than others.

Let me give you an example.

Recently Pinterest has become super successful as a social

Suddenly there are Pinterest experts or Guru’s

Take Carmen Sakurai for example

She is positioned as a Pinterest expert and I’m sure she is.

But the point is, it’s a pretty new platform that has seen phenomenal growth
in the past 6 to 12 months.

Look at the WSO review experts like HPGoodboy or WSOScout.

They have positioned themselves as experts in this area.

Also relatively new.

These guys are building successful businesses* by being the*
go to source for the best WSO reviews.

They didn’t ask for permission they just did it.

Another example.

Lewis Howes has positioned himself as the go to guy for
all things LinkedIn related.

Check out his about page and the simple advice he gives
in the interview.

Lewis Howes – About

Basic tips.

And the list of people that have positioned themselves
as the expert could go on.

The point is that right now there are always new platforms and
opportunities arising.

All the time.

The trick is to get in and discover something about that platform
that other people haven’t

Be the first in.

Or be the one that decides to become the expert in that area.

Be the “one eyed man in the land of the blind”

If you can find something to become the perceived
expert in then you can quickly rise to the top and dominate that area.

Let me give you a little crystal ball into the future.

Apple has just ditched Google Maps on their devices.

Apple is now entering into the local search market.

Yelp Elevated By Apple Relationship, Second Only To Google In Local Importance Now

In particular read this paragraph:

“Google and Yelp are now the “twin poles” of local and local SEO. While it remains to be seen how successful Apple Maps will be, they will likely see significant local search volume simply by default — because of the huge installed base of iPhone users. And if Apple hits a home run, the local query volumes could be absolutely huge.

Big news.

Big opportunity.

Who is going to start educating business, other marketers etc
for how to optimise for Apple Maps and Yelp?

Where are the experts going to emerge from?

Who is going to become the “go to guy / gal” for the Apple Maps / Yelp

In Australia (where I am) Apple has 30% market share.

With this one move Apple has instantly turned themselves into a
Local search engine that controls 30% of the market.

Think about that.

Who’s going to be first out with the WSO about optimising
for Apple Maps?

Who will become the perceived expert?

It doesn’t have to be revolutionary advice. Just
the basics, a guide, a system (see Lewis Howes above
for how simple the “pointers” can be)

Think about it.


Go create, position and dominate.

Rob Stafford


Destroy Information Overload

by Rob on February 9, 2012

Here’s some stats.

• Every second, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube.

• 24 hours of video is uploaded every 24 seconds.

• 9 months of video is uploaded every two hours.

• A decade’s worth of video is uploaded every day.

• Every 10 days, a century of video is uploaded.

How are you meant to keep up?

If someone directs you to a must see video, how are you meant to follow them then go and watch it
etc etc.

You need to be able to manage info overlaod.

Here are a couple of techniques:

1. Only follow 2 or 3 people online.

a. So unsubscribe to everyone’s list except the two or three that *really* resonate with

b. Then just stick with them.

2. Decide what you want to do online

a. Is it create a product?

b. Is it build a list?

Then when you are online just ask yourself this question:

“Is what I am doing now getting me closer to creating my product? (or building my list?) etc”

AND if the answer is no then STOP whatever it is you are doing and focus on what you are meant to be doing.

You need single focus.

You need a focus.

The information is too much. Way too much. Like Every 10 days a century of video is uploaded… and that is just on youtube.

You will never win that battle for information.

You will never win the battle to consume all the information. You need to decide to shut it out.

Follow just 2 or 3 people. That is it. The ones that resonate with you.

And make sure they support your long term goal online.

good luck,

Rob Stafford


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